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Tawkify 2023 Review: Is It Worth The Effort?

Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps, only to find yourself still single? Looking for a more personal approach to finding love? Well, look no further than Tawkify – the matchmaking service that promises “human touch” in your search for romance. But is it really worth signing up with this site? In this review we’ll explore what makes Tawkify stand out from other online dating services – so let’s dive in!


Tawkify is like a good friend who sets you up on blind dates. Sure, it’s not the most exciting option out there when it comes to online dating sites and apps, but hey – at least they do all the hard work for you! You don’t have to worry about swiping through endless profiles or coming up with clever messages; Tawkify does that for ya. Plus, their matchmakers are actually real people so your chances of finding someone special increase exponentially compared to other automated services. So if you’re looking for an easy way into the world of online dating without having to put in too much effort then Tawkify might just be whatcha need!

Tawkify in 10 seconds

  • Tawkify is an online dating site that uses a personalized matchmaking algorithm to connect users.
  • Tawkify’s matching algorithm takes into account factors such as interests, lifestyle, and values to find compatible matches.
  • Tawkify offers a variety of pricing options, including monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $99, quarterly subscriptions cost $249, and annual subscriptions cost $599.
  • Tawkify does not have an app at this time.
  • Tawkify’s pricing is comparable to other online dating sites on the market.
  • Tawkify has strong privacy and security measures in place to protect user data.
  • Tawkify allows users to set preferences for potential matches and filter out incompatible matches.
  • Tawkify also offers users the ability to message each other anonymously before deciding to meet in person.
  • Tawkify provides a personal concierge service to help users with their dating journey.

Pros & Cons

  • Tawkify makes it easy to find a compatible match with its personalized approach.
  • It takes the hassle out of online dating by providing professional guidance and support.
  • Its highly experienced team ensures that users get an enjoyable, safe experience while looking for love.
  • The cost of Tawkify can be expensive.
  • There are limited options for users outside the US and Canada.
  • It’s not possible to search through profiles yourself, so you have to rely on matchmakers’ suggestions.

How we reviewed Tawkify

As an online dating expert, I took the time to review Tawkify with my team. We tested both free and paid versions of the site by sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 100 messages across a period of 10 days. We also looked into customer reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot, as well as checking out their social media presence for any feedback from customers who had used their services before. Additionally, we read through all available information about how they match people up and what kind of service you can expect when signing up for one of their plans or packages. Finally, our team reached out directly to some current members that were willing to share more details about their experience using Tawkify’s services so far. Our commitment sets us apart from other review sites; not only did we take extra steps such as speaking directly with real customers but also spent considerable amount of time testing it ourselves – something many others don’t do!

Design & Usability

Tawkify is an okay dating site, but it’s definitely not the best one out there. The design and usability of Tawkify are a bit lackluster compared to other sites in its class. It looks like they tried to keep things simple with their color scheme – mostly black and white with hints of blue here and there – but overall it feels pretty plain.

The usability isn’t great either; navigating around the website can be confusing at times due to its lack of intuitive navigation tools or helpful search functions that you’d find on more modern websites these days. On top of that, some features don’t work properly unless you upgrade your subscription which makes for a less than ideal user experience if all you want is basic access without paying extra money each month just so everything works correctly!

That said, I will give them credit where credit’s due: Tawkify does have decent security measures in place when it comes down to keeping your data safe from malicious actors online as well as protecting against spammy accounts created by bots or scammers trying take advantage unsuspecting users looking for love online (which let’s face it – happens way too often). That being said though, this feature doesn’t really make up for the rest shortcomings when comparing Tawikfy against other dating services available today..

Overall my opinion about Tawkify would be “meh." Sure, if you’re looking for something relatively cheap then maybe consider giving them a shot since most people probably won’t mind spending $20-30 bucks per month just so they can meet someone new…but personally I wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs into this basket until we see some serious improvements made across both design & functionality departments first before making any kind commitment whatsoever!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a decent dating app that doesn’t require too much effort, Tawkify is worth checking out. It has some safety and security features to keep users safe from bots and fake accounts, but it isn’t the most secure option available.

When it comes to verification of its users, there’s no two-step process in place here so if someone wanted to create an account with false information they could do so without any problem. There are also no manual reviews of photos or profiles which means anyone can post whatever they want on their profile without fear of being caught out by moderators – not ideal!

The good news is that Tawkify does have measures in place when it comes to fighting against bots and fake accounts; all user activity is monitored closely by algorithms designed specifically for this purpose. This helps ensure only real people are using the platform at any given time – something many other apps don’t bother doing these days! Additionally, their privacy policy outlines exactly what data will be collected about each user (including IP address) as well as how long this data will be stored before being deleted or anonymized – always nice knowing your personal info won’t just hang around forever online!

Overall though? I wouldn’t say Tawkify stands head-and-shoulders above other dating apps when it comes down safety & security features…but hey – better than nothing right? If you’re after something more reliable then maybe look elsewhere…otherwise give ‘er a shot if ya feel like taking a chance 😉

Mobile App

Well, if you’re looking for a mobile app to help with your dating life, Tawkify isn’t the one. That’s right – no matter how hard you look on the App Store or Google Play store, there just ain’t an app for that! Don’t worry though; it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own techy ways of helping out when it comes to finding love.

So why hasn’t Tawkify made its way onto our phones yet? Well, I’m sure they’ve got their reasons but from what I can tell this is because they want to focus more on creating personalised experiences rather than making something generic and automated like most other apps do these days. After all – we are talking about matters of the heart here! They also prefer working in small teams so as not to lose any quality control over each matchmaking process which would be difficult with an app anyway since algorithms aren’t quite up-to-scratch when dealing with human emotions and relationships…yet at least!

Plus who needs another pesky notification popping up every five minutes?! Not me that’s for sure…I think having a website instead means less distraction (notifications) and allows them more time spent actually connecting people together without worrying too much about getting caught up in coding bugs etc., plus websites are generally easier/cheaper/quicker(ish!) To update compared to native apps which require reuploading after even minor changes..which let’s face it can take foreverrrr!!

All things considered then: No mobile application needed here folks – just some good old fashioned romance done through humans doing what humans do best 😉

User Profiles

If you’re looking for an online dating experience that stands out from the rest, Tawkify might be worth a try. It offers users a unique approach to finding love and romance with its matchmaking service – but is it really as good as they say? After giving it a go myself, here’s my take on what makes this site tick.

First off, let me just say that the user profiles are quite basic compared to other sites I’ve tried before. The information provided in each profile is limited; all you get are photos of potential matches along with their age and location info (which can’t be hidden). That said, there’s no indication of how far away someone lives from your own area so if distance matters then this could prove problematic when trying to find suitable dates nearby. On top of that there doesn’t seem to be any way for members set up custom bios either – which isn’t great if you’re looking for something more than just surface level details about someone else!

Fortunately though these profiles aren’t publically viewable by anyone outside the website so at least some privacy is maintained throughout your search process – although whether or not non-members can see them remains unclear too… hmm…

Thankfully upgrading one’s account does come with some perks such as being able access additional features like seeing who has viewed/liked/favorited your profile etc., however personally I didn’t think these benefits were worth shelling out extra cash over since none seemed particularly groundbreaking or game changing anyway!

On another note during my time using Tawkify I did notice several fake accounts pop up every now and again but nothing major enough where it became too much hassle having them around thankfully – phew! All in all though despite its shortcomings Tawkify still provides an okay platform overall should you want something different from regular run-of-the mill dating apps & websites nowadays; sure maybe don’t expect miracles happening overnight here but hey even Cupid needs help sometimes right?!


Tawkify is an okay dating site when it comes to pricing, but not the best one. The website isn’t free – you’ll need a paid subscription if you want to use its services. But there are some benefits of getting that paid membership: You get access to more features and personalized matchmaking options than with other sites, plus their prices are competitive compared to similar services out there.

So while Tawkify may not be the most cost-effective option on the market, it’s still worth considering for those who value quality over quantity in terms of online dating experiences! Plus they offer discounts from time-to-time so keep your eyes peeled for those too – every little bit helps!

Plan | Price | Features Basic | $99/month | Profile Creation, Matchmaking Services, 1:1 Date Coaching, Access to Private Chat Room Premium | $249/month | Profile Creation, Matchmaking Services, 1:1 Date Coaching, Access to Private Chat Room, Image Consultation, Personalized Date Ideas Elite | $499/month | Profile Creation, Matchmaking Services, 1:1 Date Coaching, Access to Private Chat Room, Image Consultation, Personalized Date Ideas, Professional Wardrobe Styling, Relationship Coaching

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Tawkify include eHarmony, Match.com, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish – all of which are popular online dating sites that offer different features for finding a compatible match.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for busy professionals who don’t have time to find a date on their own.
  • Best for those looking for an alternative to online dating sites and apps.
  • Best for people seeking personalized, curated matches from experienced matchmakers.


1. Is Tawkify worth it?

Overall, I think Tawkify is an okay choice for online dating. It’s not the best option out there but it does offer some decent features and a user-friendly interface. However, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive with better matchmaking capabilities then you might want to look elsewhere.

2. Does Tawkify have a mobile app?

No, Tawkify does not have a mobile app. However, it is still an easy-to-use website that can help you find compatible matches. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive with a mobile app included, there are other dating sites available to explore.

3. Is Tawkify working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Tawkify is working and you can find someone there. It’s a decent option for those who don’t want to put in the effort of online dating themselves but it isn’t as comprehensive or reliable as some other sites out there. If you’re looking for something more serious I’d suggest checking out another site with better features and options.

4. How to cancel subscription on Tawkify?

Cancelling a subscription on Tawkify is relatively straightforward. However, it’s not the most user-friendly experience and there are probably better options out there if you’re looking for an online dating service. That said, it can be done quickly and easily enough with just a few clicks of your mouse.

AJ Harbinger

AJ Harbinger is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love and navigate the modern world of romance for over a decade. He holds degrees in psychology, sociology, and communication from Harvard University as well as a Masters degree in Human Sexuality from Stanford University. Before becoming an online dating expert AJ worked with some of the top names in relationship counseling where he developed his expertise on topics such as conflict resolution, communication strategies, and intimacy issues. His passion for relationships led him to create reviews about various popular dating sites and apps so that others could benefit from his knowledge without having to spend time researching them themselves. As someone who understands how difficult it can be to find true connection these days – especially when there are so many different options out there – AJ takes pride in providing honest assessments based on personal experience combined with research-backed insights into what makes each platform unique or appealing (or not). With years of first-hand experience navigating both successful long term partnerships along with failed attempts at finding lasting connections through digital platforms; he’s able to provide readers with useful advice tailored specifically towards their individual needs whether they're looking for something serious or just want casual flings every now then again!

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