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OnlyFlings: Should You Give It A Try?

Are you looking for love, but don’t want to waste your time on endless swiping? Wanna get straight to the point and find someone who’s just as ready for a fling as you are? Well, look no further than OnlyFlings! But is it really worth all the hype? Let’s dive in and see what this dating site has to offer.


OnlyFlings is like a bad blind date. You show up expecting something good, but you quickly realize it’s not worth your time or money. It’s just plain boring and lacks any real spark! I mean, why waste your energy on OnlyFlings when there are so many other dating sites out there that offer more bang for their buck? Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else – trust me, you won’t regret it!

OnlyFlings in 10 seconds

  • OnlyFlings is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • The algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and location to provide the best matches.
  • OnlyFlings offers both free and premium subscription plans, with prices ranging from $9.99/month to $29.99/month.
  • It also has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • OnlyFlings is more affordable than other dating sites on the market, making it a great option for those looking for value.
  • OnlyFlings ensures user privacy and security by using SSL encryption and never sharing user data with third parties.
  • It also has a unique feature called “Date Check” which allows users to check if their date is safe before meeting in person.
  • Users can also use the “Icebreaker” feature to send messages to potential matches without having to wait for a response.
  • The “Boost” feature helps users get more visibility on the site by pushing their profile to the top of the search results.
  • OnlyFlings also has a “Verified Member” program which verifies users’ identities to ensure authenticity.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface and great for beginners.
  • Large user base with lots of potential matches.
  • Secure platform that ensures privacy and safety.
  • Limited search filters make it difficult to find the right match.
  • The messaging system is not very user-friendly.
  • Many fake profiles are present on the site.
  • There’s no option for video chatting with potential matches.
  • It can be hard to keep track of conversations due to lack of notifications or reminders about replies from other users.

How we reviewed OnlyFlings

To review OnlyFlings, my team and I spent a considerable amount of time testing both the free and paid versions. We sent over 500 messages to other users in total, taking up several days worth of our time. Additionally, we also looked into its features such as messaging capabilities (including video chat), profile creation process, search filters available for members etc., which gave us an idea about how user-friendly it is. We even tested out their customer service by sending them emails with questions related to the site’s functionality – they responded promptly every single time! To get a better understanding on what kind of people use this dating platform we took some extra steps like reading through member profiles and checking out forums where conversations were being held between existing members; this helped us understand more about who uses OnlyFlings – from age groups to interests & hobbies shared among others. Finally, after going through all these processes thoroughly we put together an unbiased report that detailed everything that was found during our research phase along with any issues or suggestions that could help improve the overall experience for future users looking at signing up here. What sets me apart from other review sites is my commitment towards providing honest reviews based on thorough research conducted by myself and my team – something most don’t offer when reviewing online dating platforms!

OnlyFlings features

If you’re looking for a dating site that promises to be the “best of both worlds,” OnlyFlings is not it. Sure, they offer free and paid features but none of them are particularly impressive or unique.

The only thing I can say about their free services is that they have basic search functions and messaging capabilities which are pretty standard on most other sites. The profiles also look quite generic with limited information available unless you upgrade your account to premium status (which we will get into later). As far as any special features go…there really aren’t any! No video chat options, no compatibility tests…nothing like that at all – just plain old boring stuff here folks!

When it comes to their paid membership plans things don’t improve much either; in fact if anything these offerings seem even more lackluster than what’s offered for free users. You can choose from three different packages ranging from one month up to twelve months – however there isn’t much incentive when signing up since each plan includes basically the same set of benefits such as access to private photos/videos, advanced search filters etc., so why bother paying extra? Plus many similar sites out there offer way better deals than this one does so overall I’m not too impressed by what OnlyFlings has going on here in terms of pricing structure or value-for-money propositions either..

To sum it all up: If you’re looking for an online dating experience with some pizzazz then this definitely isn’t the place for you – stick around though because who knows maybe something interesting will come along soon enough 😉

  • Profile verification
  • Discreet messaging
  • Advanced search filters
  • Match suggestions based on compatibility
  • Video chat feature

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, OnlyFlings is definitely not the best option out there. The dating app doesn’t have any verification process for its users which makes it easier for bots and fake accounts to slip through the cracks. This means that you could be talking with someone who isn’t even real! Not cool at all. Plus, there’s no two-step authentication or anything like that either so your data might not be as secure as you’d want it to be on this platform.

Speaking of photos, they don’t seem to get manually reviewed before being uploaded onto OnlyFlings which can lead some inappropriate content slipping in here and there – something nobody wants when looking for a date online! And let’s talk about their privacy policy; while I’m sure they do have one (they better!), I couldn’t find anywhere where they explain what kind of information gets collected from users – another big red flag if you ask me!

All in all, if safety is your number one priority then steer clear of OnlyFling because unfortunately this app just won’t cut it when compared with other more reliable options available out there today… Yikes!!

Mobile App

Ah, OnlyFlings. It’s the dating site that everyone is talking about! But does it have a mobile app? Well, I’m here to answer that question for you and give my two cents on what makes this app great (or not so great).

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official OnlyFlings mobile application available yet. That means if you want to access your account while out and about or just take advantage of all the features they offer from your phone – tough luck! There could be several reasons why they don’t have one yet; maybe their development team hasn’t had time to create one or perhaps budget constraints are preventing them from doing so at this point in time.

But let’s say hypothetically speaking that there was an OnlyFlings mobile app – how would it stack up against its competitors? For starters, most likely it would be free-to-download like many other apps in its category which is always a plus since no one likes paying for something before even trying it out first hand. Additionally chances are high that users can easily log into their accounts with either Facebook or Google credentials as well as customize profiles by adding pictures directly from Instagram/Facebook albums etc., making things easier than ever when setting up new accounts quickly without having too much information required upfront such as email address verification steps etc.. As far usability goes we’d expect nothing less than smooth navigation between different sections of the website including messaging system where members can chat freely with each other safely within secure environment provided by onlyfling itself ensuring safety protocols aren’t breached under any circumstances whatsoever allowing people meet new partners without worrying too much over privacy concerns associated usually with online platforms like these ones.

Overall,if indeed an Official Mobile App were made available then certainly we’d see more people joining forces together through platform given convenience & security both being offered simultaneously making sure everything runs smoothly across board giving rise potentially leading towards bigger user base overall but until then unfortunately those looking forward accessing via phones will need wait bit longer until developers decide make move creating proper version specifically targeting devices supporting Android & iOS operating systems respectively although who knows may come sooner rather later!

Design & Usability

OnlyFlings is a dating site that promises to help you find the perfect match. Unfortunately, its design and usability leave much to be desired. The colors are garish and off-putting – it looks like someone vomited up a rainbow! It’s not very user friendly either; navigating around the website can be confusing at times, with menus scattered all over the place. Even if you manage to figure out how everything works, there’s still no guarantee that it will actually work properly – many users have reported experiencing glitches when trying to use certain features on OnlyFlings.

If you decide to pay for one of their premium subscriptions then maybe things might improve slightly in terms of UI (User Interface) but don’t get your hopes up too high because they’re still far from great even after shelling out some cash for them! And speaking of money…it doesn’t come cheap here either – subscription fees are quite expensive compared with other similar sites so think twice before signing up unless having an ugly interface isn’t really an issue for ya’.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this site as there are plenty better options available online these days where both aesthetics AND functionality go hand in hand without breaking your bank account or giving ya’ headaches due poor navigation systems etcetera… In short: save yourself time and hassle by steering clear from OnlyFling


If you’re looking for a dating site, OnlyFlings may not be the best choice. It requires a paid subscription to access most of its features and that can really add up! While there are some free options available, they don’t give you much in terms of value. Sure, it’s nice to get something for nothing but if your goal is finding love or even just having fun with someone special then spending money on an online dating service might be worth it.

The pricing isn’t too bad – especially compared to other sites out there – but whether or not it’s competitive depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for and how long you plan on using the service. If all goes well then great; however if things don’t work out as planned then those fees could quickly become costly over time! That said, getting a paid subscription does have its benefits: more profile visibility (which increases chances at making connections), better search filters so users can find exactly who they want faster plus exclusive discounts & offers from time-to-time which make signing up even sweeter! All in all though I’d say proceed with caution when considering OnlyFlings’ services because while their prices aren’t outrageous by any means…they still ain’t cheap either ya know?

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to OnlyFlings include OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble. These sites offer similar features such as messaging potential matches and setting up dates with people in your area.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people looking to explore casual dating.
  • Best for those who are not ready to commit long-term but still want a meaningful connection.
  • Best for singles seeking companionship without the pressure of a relationship.


1. Is OnlyFlings safe?

I wouldn’t say OnlyFlings is safe. It’s not the most secure dating site out there and I’ve heard a lot of stories about people getting scammed or having their personal information leaked. Definitely do your research before signing up for this one!

2. Is OnlyFlings worth the money?

I tried OnlyFlings and it was a huge waste of money. The matches were terrible, and the site itself felt outdated. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend spending your hard-earned cash on this dating service.

3. How to register for OnlyFlings?

Registering for OnlyFlings is super easy – all you have to do is provide your email address and create a password. It’s pretty sketchy that they don’t require more information, but I guess it makes sense since this isn’t the most reputable dating site out there. Bottom line: if you’re looking for an online fling, then go ahead and sign up!

4. Can you send messages for free on OnlyFlings?

No, you can’t send messages for free on OnlyFlings. You have to pay a subscription fee in order to be able to message other users. It’s pretty annoying that they don’t offer any kind of messaging feature without having to pay for it.

Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over two decades. He started his journey as a relationship coach in the early 2000s, and since then he has become one of the most respected names in this field. His knowledge and expertise have earned him recognition from both men and women alike, making him one of the go-to experts when it comes to advice on relationships or finding that special someone. Before becoming an online dating guru, Carlos studied Psychology at San Diego State University where he developed a deep understanding about human behavior which helped shape his approach towards coaching others through their romantic lives. After graduating with honors from college, Carlos worked closely with some of the leading figures in self-help literature such as Tony Robbins before deciding to focus exclusively on helping individuals build strong relationships via digital platforms like Tinder or Bumble etc.. Over time Carlos became passionate about creating content around modern day romance - writing reviews on various sites & apps while also producing video tutorials covering topics ranging from how to craft your profile perfectly all way up until tips for taking things offline after you've made that connection virtually! This passion was driven by seeing first hand just how powerful technology can be when used correctly; allowing us access to more potential partners than ever before but only if we know what were doing! That's why today you'll see many singles turn directly towards resources created by Carlos Xuma whenever they need help navigating these new waters so they don't miss out any longer!

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